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"Always check if the door is closed..."

5 juillet 2017

The artist Fabien Novarino has played the game of quiz and answers, somewhere between Pop Art, Van Goghe and the "always closed doors".

If I were an artist? Jackson Pollock, it's hard to do better...

If I were an artwork? A Pierre Soulages' large format

If I were a Carré d'artistes gallery ? The next one which will open

If I were an artistic movement? Pop art of course!

Picasso or Van Gogh? Van Gogh! More sincere.

If I were a song? Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

If I were a quality? Caring

If I had a super power? The gift of ubiquity

If I were a travel? Mission to Mars

If I were an OCD? Always check if the doors are closed, true story!

If I were a good life moment? A birth

You best artist memory? There are too many!

Can you describe your studio... Too small, always in mess, but I feel good in it!