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Amsterdam, the city where Masters are kings

24 juin 2016

Stedeljik Museum

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is often called the Venice of the Northern Europe. The countless canals are indeed an eternal symbol of the city but not the only one. The Nine Streets, the traditional Gouda, the peaceful Vondelpark, the colorful tulips, the unremitting movements of windmills, or simply the picturesque architecture, everything will break your habits in this beautiful city. Amsterdam proudly offers the world national treasures among which worldwide famous paintings by its two art ambassadors: Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Let’s start a Cultural overview of the capital.

Museums dedicated to great Masters...

Amsterdam dedicated museums to its famous painters. Let’s first focus on the Rembrandt House. Harmenszoon van Rijn- the original Dutch name –is where Rembrandt lived most of his life and installed its artwork. Visiting this impressive building will give you a full Rembrandt experience, whether by discovering the rooms he used to live in or by admiring his creations. The museum houses through the summer the Rembrandtlab, an innovative research program that focuses on the color and its usage: how the colors that Rembrandt loved to work with in the 17th century can be used by modern designers.

Immerging oneself into the Dutch art automatically means stopping by the Van Gogh Museum. In addition to featuring the famous Sunflowers, the Van Gogh museum offers a good vision of the artist’s evolution over the years, through his landscapes, still lifes and self-portraits. Recreational activities such as workshops for children or evening entertainment with DJs and musiciansare other alternatives to understand his impressive work. In addition, all summer, an exhibition on mental illnessentitled At the verge of Insanity expose the artist’s battle with his condition through different paintings. A way to see his genius through a different angle.

Rijkmuseum, Van Gogh Museum where visitors admiring La Berceuse, The Honour Gallery approaching Rembrandt's 'The Night Watch'

… and internationally renowned places !

How could we skip the Rijksmuseum? The largest museum in Amsterdam exposesartwoks which go back 800 years ago into the Dutch history. National treasures such as The Night Watch by Rembrandt, or The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer are the highlights of the collection but with its gardens- currently hosting Giuseppe Penone’s sculptures -or more modern pieces like a 1965 Yves Saint-Laurent dress, the Rijksmuseum satisfies every audience. A great program is planned through the summer with a porcelain exhibition BY Arita ,as well as a  presentation of Marten &Oopjen, the renowned married couple portrayed by Rembrandt.

Carrying on with great museums, the Stedelijk Museum is the largest Dutch museum of modern and contemporary art and design. The permanent collection presents a major masterpieces from the last 150 years among which Cézanne, Chagall, Koons, Matisse, Picasso, Warhol or Pollock. Over 90,000 artworks are showcased, from 1870 to nowadays. A temporary exhibition is held at the Stedelijk until August 28: Living in the Amsterdam School. A perfect way to discover this internationally renowned school and immerse yourself in an amazing survey of interior designs.

Amsterdam, it is also the Begijnhof, the Hermitage with its impressive exhibition on the Tsar Alexander the 1st and on Napoleon, the house of Anne Frank or the Het Loo Palace. Beyond the Carré d’artistes gallery, the city gives a big place to contemporary art with numerous art galleries and the international Affordable Art Fair. 

Amsterdam 9 Street Gallery Amsterdam Spiegelstraat Gallery

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