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Barcelona, the art of living

11 juillet 2016


(Mosaïque du Park Güell)

Capital of Catalonia, Barcelona the effervescent, holds a special place in the heart of European people.  Bubbling with its abundant markets, its endless nights and a sense of aesthetics embodied at every corner, the beautiful Catalan has solid arguments. Most artists didn’t resist to its amazing potential. Gaudi, Picasso, Mirò and Tapies, they have all written a part of their history in the streets of the city. Very busy and hot streets that, little by little, turn into Museum aisles.

The art of structure...

If only one should remain, it would be Antoni Gaudi. An undesired tram prevented him from completing his masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, but its majestic and surprising creations color a large part of the city. On the hills, under the shades of the Park Guell trees, the Sala hipóstila, the "Casa-Museu Gaudí", the corrugated bench or the salamander in ceramic are perfect illustrations of his genius.  The Cathedral Sagrada Familia in the center of the city overwhelms with its monumental proportions. Unfinished for over a century, its construction has been funded thanks to charity, which gave him the nickname "Cathedral of the poor". Its facades features rich and detailed decorations and convey three messages: the nativity, passion and glory. The inside is no exception: dense and colorful, it immerses the spectator inside an architectural jungle.

A little bit further, on the Passeig de Gràcia avenue stand two emblematic houses: the Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. They can easily be pointed out thanks to their undulating walls, their unusual structures and the mask balconies, renowned signature of the master. These houses are today two museums that give the spectator a good sense of the inspiration and the work of the great Catalan architect. The Casa Batlló hosts throughout the summer the "Magic Nights" while the Pedrera’s visitors will enjoy Jazz concerts every evening until 10 September.


(Dona i ocell - Joan Mirò, Dali museum, Las Meninas - Picasso)

... the structure of art !

Art is the oxygen of  Barcelona and great Masters its lungs.

 The Picasso Museum is a must! In addition to finding Las Meninas- personal interpretation of the famous painting by Velazquez- most artworks of Picasso’s early career are exposed in his beloved "Barca".

Surrealism is also represented with Joan Mirò whose paintings and sculptures highly contributed to this movement.  From the Joan Mirò Foundation to the Joan Mirò Park through the Rambla, you will enjoy his  artistic legacy.

Few kilometers away from Barcelona, ​​on the Costa Brava, three museums honor the work of Salvador Dalí: The Dalí Theatre-Museum, The Salvador Dalí House and the Gala Dalí castle. You will be immersed in the universe of the artist and discover through these visits his emblematic work, and more intimate parts of his life.

Finally, do not miss the Antoni Tapies Foundation, whom Art Brut paintings will blow your mind away!


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