Rome, a lifetime is not enough

14 juillet 2016

(The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel)

Stunning and effortless, confidential and bubbling, the Italian capital is a vivid city where past and future harmoniously coexist. Cradle of the Western civilization, Rome, the Eternal city of the Seven Hills, has multiple nicknames and a lot of cultural treasures. The Roman spirit, it’s the dolce vita, the exquisite food and the opportunity to contemplate history at every corner. From the Coliseum to the gardens of the Villa Borghese through the streets of the Trastevere or delicate squares punctuating a long walk, Rome is not to be visited but to be seized.

Fragments of our history

Full of history, each cobblestone of the streets and each rock of the walls have something to recount, Rome is one of those cities where a lifetime would not be enough to get to know it. This guide tries to list down what can’t be missed.

If its shade feels delectable today for many tourists when the summer knocks the holy city, the mysteries of the Colosseum were for a long time synonymous with horror. Built in 72, it hosted for nearly 500 years millions of spectators gathered in his steps, eager to see dreadful battles involving gladiators and countless wild animals. In the Roman Forum, at a short distance from the majestic arena,  still stands some of the oldest remains of a Rome that once led the ancient world. A little bit further north, the Pantheon, other central monument of the Ancient period, proudly presents its intact façade. This temple commissioned by Emperor Hadrian, built between 119 and 128, is an architectural wonder and the burial place for the artist Raphael. If the impressive dome takes your breath away, wait until you see the Trevi Fountain.


Located in a tiny understated spot, at the back of the Poli Palace and topped off  by a statue of Neptune, this Baroque building is an unmissable step in any Roman tour. Finally, after strolling in different places, such as Piazza Navona, Campo de 'Fiori and Piazza delPoppolo, and after crossing the Tiber on the Ponte Sant'Angelo, one can’t leave the city without visiting the Vatican.

Smallest country in the world, theocracy inhabited by 550 people, led by the Pope, the Vatican is culturally unrivaled. His secret walls house the Basilica San Pietro, eleven museums considered as the most beautiful in the world, peaceful gardens and the famous Sistine Chapel decorated by prestigious Masters such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Perugino, Rosselli and Raffaello.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Trevi fountain and Temptations of Christ by Botticelli, Sistine Chapel)

2016, unpublished visits

City of thousand steeples and thousand domes, Rome is undoubtedly timeless. In 2016, several events make it even more attractive than it already is. The Night shows at the Imperial Forum through October 30  give to the ruins of Augustus Caesar their former glory. Also through the end of October, a visit of the archaeological area of ​​the Port of Trajan is for the first time possible. Other special tours can be listed down this year such as the Castel of Sant'Angelo, usually closed to the public, or the secret archives of the Vatican Palazzo del Vicariato Vecchio.


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