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Artist testimony: David Fonteyne

29 mai 2018

Guiding artists and enabling them to evolve is one of Carré d’artistes’ main purposes.  Who better to testify than a sincere and generous artist? Discover the impressions of the French artist David Fonteyne on his relationship with Carré d’artistes.


What did Carré d’artistes change for you, regarding your career as an artist?

Working on small formats allows me to practice numerous times and to evolve more quickly than working on larger formats. When painting so often, you can make mistakes but this is an opportunity to try a different style and develop your creativity.
Carré d’artistes also provided me financial stability: it is important for an artist to receive a regular income.

How is your partnership with Carre d’artistes on a daily basis?

It is a pleasure! The team is always nice, there’s nothing more to say.
It is important to note that we all work for the same interest, selling. We try to adapt. Even if we artists keep our creative spirit and our artistic integrity, we have to be close to people. “Contemporary” means moving with the times. We create with our heart and we need to know how to love people and understand what they need. Some subjects may seem superficial, like colors or formats, but it’s important to talk about it because it is what defines the price.

Describe your experience with Carré d’artistes 

The 3 words that best describe my experience with Carré d’artistes are:

Creativity: every time we create a painting, there’s an emotion. And the more we create, the more we feel. And the more we share our paintings, the more we make people happy. I paint artworks that are positive, joyful, and full of warm colors; it is Provence. My only concrete approach is happiness. I don’t look any further for the moment, I feel fulfilled this way.

Originality: we create unique artworks, even if some of them look alike.

Open studios: these are magical moments for a humble artist like me. For one day, we get to be in the spotlight, even if we aren’t famous.

These are the events that have marked me the most since working with Carré d’artistes, because we meet people who are waiting for us.
I like to draw something with my autograph behind the artwork I sell with the client’s name. Sometimes, some of them tell me “I am going to hang it on the autograph side!”. Others feel a lot of emotions. It happened that people have a tear in their eye, because we don’t only sell a painting, we also meet people and learn about their lives. Painting can also enter one’s heart, which makes it touching.
The further we go for an open studio, the better. Travelling to Philadelphia, for example, was a little stressful. It starts with the passport and ends with painting tubes you need to hide in the suitcase so that custom don’t seize it.