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Artist testimony: Frédéric Thiéry

12 juin 2018

Guiding artists and enabling them to evolve is one of Carré d’artistes’ main purposes.  Who better to testify than a sincere artist with a sense of humor? Discover the impressions of the French artist Frédéric Thiéry on his relationship with Carré d’artistes.


What did Carré d’artistes change for you, regarding your career as an artist?

Before I started working with Carré d’artistes, I was a little reserved concerning the choice of themes and artistic expression. Restrained by the lack of visibility of my work, I hesitated taking risks and expressing new ideas.
Being widely exhibited by Carré d’artistes allows me to dare, because the public is large and the feedbacks are quick and full of insights.

How is your partnership with Carre d’artistes on a daily basis?

There is no daily relationship with Carré d’artistes, to avoid getting bored of each other. But when there is a contact, it’s really powerful and useful.
The feeling that we can count on each other if needed is reassuring and stimulating at the same time.

Describe your experience with Carré d’artistes 

The 3 words that best describe my experience with Carré d’artistes are:

It’s beautiful,
It’s good,
It’s happiness!
(Referring to and old commercial for Dubonnet’s aperitif)
Painting allows me to be a part of beautiful and good things, and collaborating with Carré d’artistes makes me happy.

The event that marked me the most since working with Carré d’artistes is the following.
Leaving my workshop, where I painted all day with great pleasure for Carré d’artistes, people I saw were looking at me with admiration and envy; at least that is what I thought.
Full of contentment, I decided to look at myself in my favorite mirror (the most indulgent one). I then understood what brought the crowd’s attention to: my face was smeared with paint! Oh god, I still laugh about it…