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Bordeaux, Heritage and Culture!

29 juin 2016

Listed since 2007 as World Heritage by UNESCO, Bordeaux is a city where life is good, that reveals many attractions for tourists. Of course, the Basilica of St. Michael and St. Andrew's Cathedral are to see on your journey as Esplanade des Quinconces, the largest square in Europe or the Place de la Bourse, majestic, and the Grosse Cloche, awesome ... But this is not all, and of course, gastronomy and wine are ubiquitous in the Gironde capital, like culture, which has a place in this city that has much to tell you!

Many classical and thematic museums...

Bordeaux no less than 11 museums, mostly located in historic buildings. Let's focus on the key with, to start, the Musée d'Aquitaine, inexhaustible source of history of Bordeaux and its region. Archaeology, History, Ethnography, the museum of civilizations amaze you visited with each new piece.

Do not miss, of course, the Museum of Wine and Trade of Bordeaux. In three semi-underground cellars, the museum will help you understand all the workings of the wine trade, the history of great families of merchants or that the port of Bordeaux, the famous Port of Mon. A visit not to be missed , especially as it was accompanied by the tasting of two wines.

The Museum of Fine Arts is also an absolute must for your Bordeaux route. Welcoming the major works of the 16th and 20th century, and artists such as Perugino, Delacroix, Corot, Matisse and Van Dick, this magnificent building also showcases the Bordeaux and Dutch painters. In addition, from June 29 to September 26, the museum will host an exhibition of 160 prints and prints from Goya to Redon ... not to be missed!

Finally, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design is impressive beauty, starting from the outside, since Lalande seat in the hall, but also inside with collections of furniture, ceramics, glassware ... and, until July 25, a Fabien Cappello show on variations around the light.

...as well as modern and contemporary!

In addition to its museums "traditional" Bordeaux is a stronghold regarding modern and contemporary, thanks to the Contemporary Art capcMusée Bordeaux. This museum is housed in the old Warehouse Laine, and is devoted to news emerging artists with a collection of 1,299 works by 189 artists, among the richest in France. To miss this summer, LaToya Ruby Frazier, PA photographer, who will take you in his hometown, Braddock, in the midst of its people. Inaugurated on June 1, Cité du Vin immediately appeared among the famous monuments of Bordeaux. With his hyper futuristic architecture and 13,350 m² dedicated to wine, this building will fill you up and make you want to go on a journey through the greatest Bordeaux vineyards. But before taking the road for Saint-Emilion or Graves, take the opportunity to attend the exhibition of the artist photographer Isabelle Rozenbaum that exposes 89 photographs depicting the design of the City of Wine, its construction, its evolution.


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