Contemporary art events you should attend in April

29 mars 2018

You are used to artistic rendez-vous or you would like to learn more about contemporary art? Find out which art exhibitions, fairs and shows not to miss this month!



What and who? « Artistes & Robots » from 39 artists

When? April 5 to July 9

Where? Grand Palais, Paris 

Why go see this exhibition?

- It’s about an unsettling subject, artificial intelligence. It studies its likely role in art.

- Non static exhibition: machines are showing off.  

More information here.



What and who? « Gifts to Kings » from Lubaina Himid (Tanzania)

When? April 7 to September 16 

Where? Musée Régional d’art contemporain Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Sérignan

Why go see this exhibition?

- Theatrical and engaged exhibition about the African history in European art.

- The artist received the Turner Prize in 2017

- It’s her first exhibition in Europe



What and who? « Adda » de Subodh Gupta  (Inde)

When? April 13 to August 26

Where? Monnaie de Paris 

Why go see this exhibition?

- For a trip to India: the artist was one of the first to initiate indian contemporary art and sculptures using everyday metal objects from India.  

- It’s about current unease in our world

- Part of the exhibition can be seen for free

More information here.



What and who? Gustav KlimtEgon Schiele (Autriche) 

When? April 13 to November 11

Where? Atelier des lumières, Paris

Why go see this exhibition?

- It’s in an old 3000 square meters  foundry

- The artworks are projected on every wall

- It’s a musical and visual exhibition

More information here.



What and who? : « Les racines poussent aussi dans le béton » from Kader Attia (France)

When? April 14 to September 2

Where? Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne, Vitry-sur-Seine 

Why go see this exhibition?

- The artist is a key figure on the international artistic scene and received the laureate of the Marcel Duchamp prize in 2016

- He is reflecting on life in inner cities and on the role of concrete on their way of life

More information here.



What and who? : « Sur le motif » from Delphine D. Garcia, Chiara Gaggiotti, Virginia Isbell, Corinne Pauvert (France)

When? April 22 to September 16

Where? Musée d’art et d’histoire Louis Senlecq, Isle-Adam

Why go see this exhibition?

- 4 contemporary female artists are going over a technique the impressionists made popular

- First collective exhibition from contemporary female artists in this museum

- Endless diversified landscapes




April 20 to 22 - Kölner liste – Cologne, Allemagne : Contemporary art fair showing the latest developments on the art market. More information here.

March 29 to 30 - Art Basel – Hong Kong : THE american contemporary art fair exported in China. More information here.



March 31 to April 2 - Art Shopping – Deauville, France: 1st international accessible contemporary art show.

April 28 to May 23 - Salon de Montrouge, Paris: key contemporary art show in Europe that promotes young artists. 




Until April 22 - Mohamed Bourouissa (France) – Urban Riders – Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris
Exhibition built around a film « Horse Day ». It tells the story of horseriders’ lives from a disadvantaged district in Philadelphia. It’s his first exhibition in a big Parisian museum. He invites other artists to collaborate with him during workshops.
More information here.

Until April 22 - Akay & Olabo (Sweden) – Wonderland  – Millenium Iconoclast Musuem of Art, Bruxelles
Go and see it if you like to play games and take risks and because street art is THE trendy artistic style.
More information here.

Until April 30 - Sheila Hicks (America) – Lignes de vie – Centre Pompidou, Paris
Exhibition of an artist in her 80s and full of life, with 100% textile and colorful artworks that make us want to touch them.  
More information here.

Until April 30 - Lutz Bacher (America) – Silence of the sea – Lafayette Anticipations, Paris
First exhibition in France. She goes all out using a lot of different materials and whilst approaching topical themes. Her website alone is an exhibition.  
More information here.