Episode 02: the new talents are featured!

16 février 2018

Every month, Carré d'artistes becomes a talent developer to introduce you to the artists of tomorrow. The principle is simple: discover the new jewels carefully selected by the Artistic Department and will be on temporary exhibition on the online gallery for a limited period. Discover February 2018 collection.


▪ San Qian ♥ 

♥ Favorite of the Artistic Department ♥

"A modern take on an ancestral chinese technique, San Qian's work takes us on a journey through history."


Native of China, San Qian is exposed to the art world early on. Trained in traditionnal chinese painting by Master Xu Zihe, his ink paintings are traditional and modern all at once.

Corine Pagny's insight (Artist, works with Carré d'artistes since 2007)

"I would love to see how this artist works in his studio... I'm fascinated by chinese painting; the control of the tool and the knowledge of this technique tell us a lot about the transfer of knowledge and sharing."


Discover other artworks from San Qian in Marseille L'Expo


▪ Théo 


A graduate from the Fine Art Academy of Arnhem, Théo Schildkamp is a dutch painter and illustrator. Living in the Gard, in France , since 2001, his inspiration comes from nature and feminine characters. Working mainly with acrylic, he paints spontaneously to break from a naturalistic style.

Corine Pagny's insight (Artist, works with Carré d'artistes since 2007)

"I'm intrigued by this artist's work. Identifiable at first sight, Theo's world is very personal. I would love to see him  open up and paint other stages of his journey as an artist."


Discover other artworks from Théo in Sedona (Arizona)


▪ Karen Hale 


From Detroit, USA, Karen Hale develops her artistic sense veryearly on by her father’s side, an advertising designer. She makes her paintings with distempers of various hues. Her artworks are full of colors and shadings, which gives an impression of depth for the person looking at them.

Corine Pagny's insight (Artist, works with Carré d'artistes since 2007)

"The association of colors from this artist is eloquent. I can see freedom associated with technique; some kind of controlled letting go."

Discover Karen Hale gallery

 Discover Discover other artworks from Karen Hale in Bordeaux