February 2016 : the new artists in Carré d'artistes galleries

8 février 2016

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Two new artists in French galleries

Michel Saint-Luc in Aix-en-Provence and Yan F in Paris 12ème (Bercy Village) are the two artists that join for the first time the Carré d'artistes® network of galleries. For the other galleries, they got the classic rolling and you can so find Thierry Zdzieblo in Lille, Sigrid M in Bordeaux, Cyen in Toulouse or also Abiy in Lyon for example.

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Some artworks by Michel Saint-Luc


Some artworks by Yan F

Some new artists in the international galleries

As we already told, some new artists joined the international Carré d'artistes® galleries. Maryline Mercier in Barcelona, Sofiecheze in Seoul, Natasha Miller in Sedona, Erin Ashley in Boca Raton or Alban Pedrola in Doha are exhibiting for the first time in Carré d'artistes®. The other moves are the usual rolling between the galleries, and you now can find artworks by Fauve in Köln, Marcela Baubeau de Secondingé in Utrecht, Yasmina Ziyat in Milano or also Sophie Cohen Scali in Philadelphia.


Erin Ashley, Boca Raton