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How can I still receive Carre d’artistes’ posts?

2 février 2018

Have you noticed you were receiving less Facebook posts from us lately? Don’t worry.
Facebook changed its algorithm so that you can receive posts from your loved ones first on your feed.
If you still want to receive nice atworks, events, contests and other enjoyable posts from Carré d’artistes on your feed, it’s really simple.

On your computer

1) Go the Carré d’artistes’ Facebook page

2) Click on “Following


3)      Puis cliquer sur « Voir en premier »


On your phone or tablet

1) Go the Carré d’artistes’ Facebook page

2) Click on “Following


3) Then click on “See first


From now on, you will still receive news from Carré d’artistes on Facebook !

Think about it: if you made the change on your computer, it won’t change automatically on your phone, and vice-versa.