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I don't like to be in my studio

29 novembre 2017

Making his own lacquer and gold leafs, Julien Rey offers an urban signature with captivating perspectives. Inspired by the asian culture and fascinated by the William Turner's evolution, Julien Rey is a special artist with an unique technic.

If I were an artist? William Turner. I am fascinated by his all life evolution based on his quest of simplicity.

If I were an artwork?An artwork who does not think being one.

If I were an artistic movement?Impressionism. I always wanted to put some "impressionism" in my work.

Picasso or Van Gogh?Van Gogh, the artist in its deepest essence and the most misunderstood in nowadays.

If I weren't artist? I would probably work in audiovisual.

If I were a color? As I don't see colors, the black leads me in my Art.

If I were a proverb? "Don't add years in your life, but add life in years"

If I were a year? 2015, I understand that it was possible for me to live with my Art.

Describe your studio... It is not like a classic studio. My working method, with lacquers, requires specific installations, like a kind of disorganized lab. I don't have a lot of art equipments, only my lacquers, my wood panels, my spatulas and my gold leafs. I works on the ground, and the floor is covered with a lot of lacquers' layers. Ironically, I don't like to be in my studio. I built a border between me and my artworks, and when I finished painting I don't stay.