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"I'm all of the emotions"

12 octobre 2017

Born at the gates of the desert, in Niamey, Niger, C. Bost is an atypical artist whith a unusual energy. Her portrait is similar to her, alive and unclassifiable.

If I were an artist? Francis Bacon (1909-1992), for his martyre faces...

If I were an artwork? Disturbing and lighting, like a silent scream... the one of Munch.

If I were an artistic movement? From my experience, I think people see me like Art Brut or even with the Unclassables. No matter, one knows that an artwork is only living, fortunately, through and in the eye and the heart of the one who looks at it.

Picasso or Van Gogh ? Picasso who creates only by accumulating destructions. But, it's impossible to ignore the Van Gogh' soul: "sad but always joyful"

If I were a color? How can I choose between all of them? In every artwork, one color is an emotion, a beauty, thanks to the other... In fact, it's my hand that chose her color and she has never disappointed me.

If I were an emotion? One? I'm all of them!

If I were a song? A stunning tarantella. In unison! With madness!

If I had a super power? Remain the child with a brush I was. I always tried to stay in that way. 

If I were a travel? My own journey, without past, without future.

If I were a langage? Universal. From the heart.

What is revolting you? Violence from the people who think they know everything.

Describe your studio... Made of wood, little, warm and quiet. It smells deliciously like oil and turpentine. It's my cave, my matrix, my Prometheus ferule, my big chest, bottomless and full of treasures.