Istanbul, the cultural pearl of the Bosphorus

25 juillet 2016

The largest city of the country is known for its diversity and modernity. Cosmopolitan metropolis living in the vibrant atmosphere, Istanbul is the city of all paradoxes. Trendy and humble, luxurious and modest – the high-ended boutiques in the Istiklâl Caddesi are one of many examples – the ancient Byzantium has succeeded to make its diversity a strength and its history an asset.

Since 2010, Istanbul has brought culture to the next level.  Biennials, festivals and art fairs attract an international and sophisticated audience, delighted to visit museums and galleries of modern art.

A city with a multicultural heritage...

Istanbul has had various cultural influences that all once shined in the world. St. Sophia, remain of the Byzantine Empire, the stunning Blue Mosque, or the Topkapi Palace, are all vivid testimonies of the city historical splendor. The city that used to be called Constantinople adapted this aura to modern exhibition venues, like the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, divided in three areas and housing more than one million objects from all civilizations and eras.

Salt Galata, in another style, is as inevitable as this non-profit foundation is engaged in the renovation and rebuilding of the Ottoman Empire archives. But it is above all for its impressive building, which once housed the Ottoman bank, it is essential to spend, as well as temporary exhibitions, all summer.

The Museum of Islamic Arts will also put you in his eyes. With more than 40,000 pieces covering the period from the eighth to the nineteenth century, this monument will carry you through carpets, calligraphy or manuscripts ... And exciting as the Sakip Sabanci Museum, which houses an exhibition of Heinz Mack up 'July 17, and the Pera Museum, which receives the exhibition "Intersecting Worlds Ambassadors and Painters" will be to see if you have the chance.


… embracing the new century !

Since Istanbul 2010, the megalopolis has known a flourishing growth from modern and contemporary art galleries, but also from dedicated museums.

The Santralistanbul is a must see. Welcoming an contemporary art museum and an energy museum, this facility was built within an electric station!

Moreover, the Istanbul Modern, located on the Bosphorus shore is the main modern art museum of Turkey and it highlights Turkish artists. This museum welcomes an exhibit on “Artists in their time” until the end of 2016.

At last, do not forget to visit the several contemporary art galleries that are blossoming in Istanbul, starting with Carré d’artistes®.

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