January 2017: the new artists in Carré d'artistes galleries

6 janvier 2017

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In the Carré d'artistes international galleries, they are five artists to join the network. Thierry Dussac sees his pièces of art arrive in New York, Rémi Catalo in Amsterdam 9 Streets. In Deutschland, Derez joins the gallery in Köln and Wachen in Hamburg. Finally, in Barcelona, it is now possible to discover the paintings of Francesca Escobar

dussac escobar wachen

(From left to right: Dussac, Escobar et Wachen)

Find out the full list of the incoming artists:

Amsterdam 9 Streets

Rémi Catalo (new artist)

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Amsterdam Spiegelstraat

► Eva Recordon

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Armelle Bastide d'Izard & Francesca Escobar (new artist)

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Derez (new artist)

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Maya & Wachen (new artist)

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► Ganly

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The Hague

► Anne-Christine Wellenstein

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New York

Gu-Yen & Thierry Dussac (new artist)

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► Cathie Berthon

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► Olga Cairols

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Laurence Godon-Pirof & Etienne Boiteux

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► Nicole Ortis-Bommarito

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2017 opens in the best way for Carré d'artistes galleries which welcome no less than six new artists who have never been exhibited in the network. It is thus possible th discover the landscapes of Nathalie Sabourin in Aix en Provence, the splendid urban artworks of Franck Hérété in Lyon, those of Franck Hébert in Bordeaux, the powerful portraits of Dire in Marseille and the paintings of Mickael Lefèvre and those of Dominique Dupin in your gallery of Paris Montmartre.

 dupin dire

(From left to right: Hérété, Dupin et Dire)

Find out the full list of the incoming artists:


Nathalie Sabourin (new artist)

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Franck Hébert (new artist)

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► Serge Rat

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Franck Hérété (new artist)

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Lyon L'Expo

David Fonteyne & Julien Rey

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AgusilLuis Alvarez Torezano, FR.Lemonnier & Dire (new artist)

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Paris L'Expo 6ème

Liisa Corbière & Natalia Villanueva

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Paris, Saint-Germain 6ème

► Odile Escolier

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Paris, Le Marais 4ème

Fred Boutet & Olivier Anicet

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Paris, Montmartre 18ème

Michael Lefèvre & Dominique Dupin (new artists)

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Paris, Bercy Village 12ème

Nai & Sigrid M

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Paris, Ile-Saint-Louis 4ème

► Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio

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► Funda Tuncel

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