Julien Rey x Carré d'artistes

1 décembre 2017

An unconventional journey inspired from several cultures. Julien Rey is the Carré d'artistes US Christmas artist!

A childhood filled with art

Julien Rey instructed himself since the age of 15. His polish mother has always painted in their home, awakening his aesthetics sense.   

He pursues cinema studies and becomes a cameraman. Carré d’artistes® discovers him during an artfair “On the road with artists” in Saint Rémy de Provence in August 2015. In the beginning of 2016, he exposes in the Amsterdam gallery and the online gallery. He paints everyday trying new techniques, working on his textures, his perspectives. A searing success that allows him to live from his talent.

A painter inspired by urban sceneries

We can characterize Julien Rey as a contemporary painter in the “urban” movement where sceneries of major cities such as Paris or New York City exist side by side. That’s where the subtlety lies: a city is suggested but never painted faithfully. The painter does not replicate pictures but creates a universe from his memories, his impressions and his imagination. His work is then characterized by refined large lines, horizontal or vertical, buildings and skyscrapers which stand alongside the asphalt shimmeing as far as the eye can see.

Julien Rey also work only in black and white because he is color blind.

His asian influence

Great traveler, the French artist develops an art strongly influenced by Asia and more particularly from Birmanie. He falls in love with this area during his reports for « Envoyé Spécial » (Special Investigator). An emotional attachement that also shows in his private life since Julien Rey started a family with a Burmese woman. During this period of time, he even became a Buddhist monk.

We find this influence in Julien Rey’s paintings with the atmosphere created: there is the purifying and simplification of the zen philosophy. He makes up minimal compositions which appear as suspended moments, poetic breaks in the middle of the surrounding mess. It is also in China that Julien Rey finds the lacquer that he uses as well as the gold leaf imported from Burma.

A singular technique and an inimitable mark.

The contrast in the center of his artworks. His unique technique comes from the lacquer that he uses and works with a knife. He forms his artworks by adding substance in specific places and taking off some scratching the paint, he creates a clear contrast. This technique that he calls “positive/negative” is also well illustrated in his representations bringing face to face the dark and the light. He creates gold leaf embedding that offer a unique finish and places the light in the center of his artworks. Julien Rey also work only in black and white because he is color blind. Using expressions such as “momentary glow” or “swift dusk”, Julien Rey tries to grasp these fleeting moment between day and night when the light is exquisite and the emotion intense.

In his wish to develop inspiration, sensations and introspection, the artist is not looking for a realistic transcription of what he sees but whishes on the contrary to capture and materialize the interplay of light and sadows, the “aesthetic lien between subtlety and discipline, empty places and full ones.

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