July 2016 : New artists in the Carré d’artistes Galleries

6 juillet 2016

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In France, new artists are being exhibited !

As Summer is in full swing, the Carré d’artistes galleries host new artists in July, for the first time exhibited in our network. Discover the paintings of the Kazakh Nick Fedaeff in Marseilles, Sébastien Brunel in Aix-en-Provence, Violaine Abbatucci in Bordeaux, Thierry Zdzieblo in Toulouse, Jonas Lundh in Paris Marais, Emmanuelle Levesque in Paris Montmartre or the large formats of Richard Poumelin in the Expo Gallery in Paris.

(Nick Fedaeff)


Abroad, Carré d’artistes® welcomes 6 new artists

Just like the French ones, the international Carré d’artistes galleries host new canvas never exhibited before. The artworks by Pierre Reymond arrive in Istanbul, those by Laurence Moracchini in Köln and Rie Boosgaard is from now on exhibited in Amsterdam Spiegelstraat. We will be delighted to discover Hana Seo’s paintings in Seoul and those by Naen in Philadelphia. To close this new comers chapter, do not miss the opportunity to discover the artworks by Burr in Doha.


(From the left to the right : Pierre Reymond, Hana Seo, Laurence Moracchini, Naen)

At last, like every month, our artists get to switch galleries. Clade is now exhibited in Berlin, Odile Escolier in Milan, Carole Jeulin in Rome, Denis Poughon in Moscow and Niki Sherey in Boca Raton.