Klimt melts me

9 novembre 2017

Inspired by colors and light, Lau Blou is an emotional artist. Fan of Mark Rothko, affected by Gustav Klimt, she would listen U2 until the end of the world.

If I were an artist? Marc Rothko. Any other paintings gave me this kind of emotions. It's an intense wave of sadness and tears when I faced with an immense canvas. During my US' travel, I discovered him in the Phillips Collection in Washington DC.

If I were an artwork? The Kiss from Klimt (1808). This painting melts me and radiate so much love!


If I were an artistic movement? Surrealism, with his endless imaginary world and his madness.

If I weren't painterInterior designer. It was what I wanted to do when I chose my artistic way. Finally I became graphist and you can feel it on my actual artistic work!

If I were a colorBlack, because it's the only color that gives the strenght to the other. 

If I were an emotion? Serenity, it's the open door to welcome happiness.

If I were a song? "With or without you" from U2 (1987).

If I had a superpower? Teleportation.

If I were a travelAn endless worldtour, to change our philosophy.

If I were a good life momentThe birth of my children, nothing is more emotionally intense and violent.

What is revolting you? The actual women submission. In 2017, it's hard to believe that women are not the equal to men.

Your best artist memory? My first exhibited artwork. When two people came in the gallery and loved this small painting. At the first sight the gallery owner decided to exhibited my artworks and she advised me to keep this first painting. Today it's my dearest artwork, and it reassures when I doubt.

Describe your studio... It's an extension of my house with a zenithal light and a huge bay window to open my mind at the morning. I have one table with a lot of materiel, a full of books library, some memories and... music, because I cannot live without!