Lille, the traditional to the unusual

15 juillet 2016

The “Capitale des Flandresˮ is a great city to walk in. Whether the legendary Grand-Place, or the “Old-Lilleˮ, you will be amazed by the ubiquitous flamboyant baroque style. Do not miss the Church Saint-Maurice, huge church with 5 naves, the Old Stock Exchange and the Statue of the Goddess, in the Grand Place, compulsory must-see. More “classicˮ, the “Place du Théâtreˮ is also a place-to-see. Finally, the “Place Rihourˮ and the Palace in it are also worth visiting to discover the Burgundian period, before running off to the many museums that grace the city ...

From the most classic ...

If there was only one, the Palais des Beaux-Arts is the museum not to be missed! Indeed, this is simply the second largest museum of fine arts in France after Paris. The Palace owns more than 60,000 artworks, including major paintings by Corot, Delacroix, Courbet or Goya. Some wonder to plan in this palace, listed as a historical monument, where you can find an exhibition of Zep, famous cartoonist, and another dedicated to «Instagramers» and a last one to the “Beauties of the Northˮ, medieval statues... all during summer! Also very interesting, the Musée de l’Hospice Comtesse takes place in a hospital founded in 1237 with very original architecture. The exterior alone is worth a visit but the interior is not set apart with paintings, tapestries, wood carvings, pottery or also regional furniture ... But that’s not all and you can also discover, close to Lille, in Tourcoing, the MUBA Eugène Leroy, dedicated to visual arts and performing arts and, as its name suggests, to the eponymous artist. Enjoy there, until September 18, the exhibition Eugène Leroy Mirror...

... to the most original!

The northerner city also has an extensive range of unusual places and of modern and original museums, starting with the Piscine Musée d’art et d’industrie André Diligent. In this old Art Deco swimming pool designed by Albert Baert, you will discover collections of applied arts (ceramics, textiles, drawings...) and of Fine Arts from nineteenth and twentieth century... Also, in this mythical place located in Roubaix, the exhibition John Martin, from the studio to the stage, will allow you to get carried away into the world of the artist from Lyon, famous for his sculptures.

Very original too, and located in the city of Villeneuve, close to the Metropole, the LaM, modern and contemporary art museum, welcomes you in the outside with a green sculpture park before dazzle you in the inside with 4,500 masterpieces of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries! Among them, artworks of Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Arnedeo Modigliani and Richard Deacon... and many more! You can discover all summer, exhibitions devoted to Jules Pascin, draftsman, and Jean Dubuffet, founder of “La Compagnie de l’art brutˮ. To end with “museumsˮ, the Centre d’Art Sacré de Lille is also a must-see, especially as it is located in the Modern Crypt of the Lille Cathedral. This museum exhibits the artworks of the Delaine Collection and is open every weekend of the summer, from 3pm to 8pm. Finally, for contemporary art lovers, if you have the opportunity to be in Lille early next year, do not miss the Lille Art’Up, a major industry fair ... and, in the meantime, visit the Carré d’artistes® gallery in the Esquermoise Street!


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