October 2017: the new artists in Carré d'artistes galleries

4 octobre 2017

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While the end of the year is fast approaching, the French network of the Carré d'artistes® galleries welcomes two new artists who have never been exposed. It is now possible to find the artworks of the Moldavian Nicoleta Vacaru in the gallery of Paris Le Marais (4th arrondissement) and those of the Toulouse native Dié-Go in the gallery of Paris Montmartre (18th arrondissement).


(On the left: Nicoleta Vacaru, on the right : Dié-Go)

Find below the complete list of new artists exhibited in French Carré d'artistes galleries:




► Solveiga

See the gallery


FernandoCathy MouisJosep Bonet-Subirats

See the gallery


► Anne Muller-Dorn

See the gallery


► Valentine Louafi

See the gallery

Lyon L'Expo

► François-Régis Lemonnier

See the gallery

Marseilles L'Expo

► Marcos Rodrigo

See the gallery

Paris, Saint-Germain 6ème

► Saulo SilveiraMarc Lavalle

See the gallery

Paris, Le Marais 4ème

► Nicoleta Vacaru (new artist)

See the gallery

Paris, Montmartre 18ème

► Dié-Go (new artist)

See the gallery

Paris, Bercy Village 12ème

► Béatrice Kerbastard

See the gallery

Paris, Ile-Saint-Louis 4ème

► Pascal Geyre

See the gallery

Paris, L'Expo

► Angela Evers

See the gallery


► Gustavo Ortiz

See the gallery


► Graffmatt

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Like in the French network, the international network of Carré d'artistes® galleries also welcomes new artists who have never been exposed. In the Netherlands, at the Hague, visitors will be able to discover the pieces of art of Jan Min, and those of Tetiana Bond in the gallery of Amsterdam Spiegelstraat, while in Milan, Claudio Missagia's paintings are available. Finally, the paintings of Victoria Veedell are to be found in the heart of Arizona, in the gallery of Sedona.


(From left to right: Jan Min, Claudio Missagia, Victoria Veedell, Tetiana-Bond)

Find below the complete list of new artists exhibited in all the international Carré d'artistes galleries:

Amsterdam 9 Streets

► Elena Lunetskaya

See the gallery

Amsterdam Spiegelstraat

► Anne Muller-Dorn & Tetiana-Bond (new artist)

See the gallery


► Yves Lac

See the gallery


Cristina FornarelliAlban PedrolaPatricia Frida

See the gallery


► Jurij FreyElke Pollack

See the gallery


► Sarah Aller

See the gallery

The Hague

► Jan Min (new artist)

See the gallery


► Violaine Abbatucci

See the gallery

Moscow Patriach Ponds

► Daniel Reymann

See the gallery

New York Bleecker

► Yo

See the gallery


► Zani

See the gallery


► Claudio Missagia (new artist)

See the gallery


► Victoria Veedell (new artist)

See the gallery


► Carole Jeulin

See the gallery

Shanghai Xin Tian Di

► Nermin Alpar

See the gallery