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Paris la Seine from Olivier Anicet

1 février 2018

Today, Olivier Anicet tells us, with his own words, why he painted the artwork « Paris la Seine ». He shares his inspiration and his technique. 


A Paris enthusiast…

It has been almost 14 years since I paint the Paris theme – this urban landscape with its buildings, its two banks and its cosmopolitan aspect -, my Paris from today and yesterday. I show Paris in different forms, colors, with the line and contour, the closed and opened shape.

The Seine is a bit of my Paris, this Paris made of scenes, where a lot of things happen.  
In this new series of artworks around this river, I show the Saint-Louis Island and the City Island, that don’t belong to any banks: neither the left one, nor the right one.
I paint a Paris different from these big boulevards going from the left bank to the right one, these islands with dressed stones, this architecture and town houses; different from an old Paris.  
The banks, the stream, bridges and buildings with a view intertwine. These are places to discover and rediscover and idleness for my eyes that enrich my painting.

"The Seine is a bit of my Paris"

This time, I decided to replace flashy colors with greens tied to nature, coolness, revival, and spring. I stirred pink-orangey ochre together, symbol of good mood and love. I added calming and soft blue and grey.
The artwork "Paris la Seine" is also a wink to these celebrities who lived and still live on the Saint-Louis Island. Artists like Paul Cézanne the shape architect, the wild Claudel, Moustaki the great poet, Tazieff the fantastic, or Baudelaire, Brialy, Debbouze, Bedos and Auteuil! Including M et Mme Pompidou, they built bridges and stimulated my creativity.

For having spent evenings in an apartment on the Henri IV boulevard by the river, at sundown, with the bateau-mouche’s lights lining the inside walls, I can tell you it’s magic!


… handling different techniques                                    

I use several techniques in my painting: acrylic, wax chalk, oil pastel, collage and colored pencil.
I stopped oil painting for now because the drying time is pretty long. It takes 12 to 15 days between several layers without using an accelerator. 


Why I paint?

Rejecting words in the past, I turned to painting. This practice is a well-being to me, the pleasure to be surprised.  
Painting is: Passion, Effervescent, Innovation, Nature, Transmission, Use, Rhythms, and finally, Elation.