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"Passionate contacted me before dying..."

7 août 2017

Fan of Pablo Picasso, the Catalan painter Perrotte gave himself through his Chinese portrait! Between Tahiti, Pierre Bachelet and Latin music!

If I were an artist? Pablo Picasso.

If I were an artwork? Guernica from Pablo Picasso (1937)

If I were an artistic movement? CoBrA (was a European avant-garde movement active from 1948 to 1951.).

If I weren't painter? I will be designer!

If I were a color? Red.

If I were a proverb? "The sun is not hurried by early risers"

If I were an emotion? Surprise!

If I were a song? L'homme en blanc from Pierre Bachelet

If I had a super power? Spreading peace all over the world.

If I were a travel? I would like to fly in Tahiti!

You best artist memory? The loyalty of a 81 years-old passionnate who, 25 years after buying one of my artworks, contacted me to buy a painting before dying...

Can you describe your studio... Clean, tidy, open to nature and always with a latino music!