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12 octobre 2017

Born at the gates of the desert, in Niamey, Niger, C. Bost is an atypical artist whith a unusual energy. Her portrait is similar to her, alive and unclassifiable.

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22 septembre 2017

With Egon Schiele for inspiration, Marcos Rodrigo sublimates the feminine silhouettes in his own way. Portrait of an artist who considers his workshop as the tarmac of his most beautiful journeys...

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30 août 2017

Fauve is an full artist. Fan of the golden years, Modigliani and the Bermuda, discover her portrait.

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17 août 2017

After making May newspaper headlines, the artist Catherine Duchêne answered to the Carré d'artistes questions.

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7 août 2017

Fan of Pablo Picasso, the Catalan painter Perrotte gave himself through his Chinese portrait! Between Tahiti, Pierre Bachelet and Latin music!

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18 juillet 2017

Through his chinese portrait find out about the artist Alfredo Lopez, a man as uncommon as his artworks and whom choose well to go into art and not into singing

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5 juillet 2017

The artist Fabien Novarino shared his answers somewhere between Pop art, Van Gogh and the always closed doors.

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