Say it with a Carré!

13 février 2019

On February 14 at Carré d’artistes, we declare our Carré to Marianne from Lille, to François from Paris, to Giovanna from New-York and to Benjamin from Barcelona!

Each day, with the help of the team, they work to keep our network of galleries alive around the world. They allow the artists the opportunity to live their passion and for our customers to enjoy art every day.

Saint-Valentin : dites-le avec un carré

We have over a hundred art lovers representing the colors of Carré d'artistes. They introduce the artists to our customers, they highlight new talents, and they work to assist clients find their first artwork, while also helping others to complete their art collections.

Small or large format, art object or sculpture in bronze, wood or plastic, they advise passers-by, guide customers and pamper our artists!

Saint-Valentin : dites-le avec un carré


We would also like to thank our Artistic department, Aurélie, Sonia, Margaux and Marie, who look, everyday, for new amazing artists!

These talent finders choose our artists of tomorrow while working with the current artists of today to continue to evolve their work.

Saint-Valentin : dites-le avec un Carré

And the list continues!

Thank you to our logistics team who ensures the safety of our artworks as they journey around the world!

Thank you to the sales team for developing the franchise networks so that these artworks can be exhibited in Hong Kong, Moscow and Beijing. 

Thank you all and have a lovely day of Carré!

Saint-Valentin : dites-le avec un Carré