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Tell her with art – 4 good reasons to offer artwork on Mother’s day

19 mai 2020

Mark your agendas: Mother’s Day is on the way or has just taken place where you live! Did you know that Mother’s Day is not celebrated on the same day all around the world? It doesn’t matter, any opportunity is good enough to prove your mom how much she means to you, by giving her a unique and personal gift (in additional to the traditional bouquet of flowers…). Artwork! Why, how, and what,Carré d’artistes follows this up with 4 good reasons to gift art. 


An ideal gift for an exceptional woman


Art has the power of saying many things, without the slightest word and passing on intense emotions, which you can share with your loved ones. Artworks are images made up of colors and feelings, they have the power to awaken memories, bring a smile, trigger purely poetic moments. So how about finding the ideal gift, among works created by our 600 artists? You will come across a wide range of talents and styles, by browsing through our website or our galleries. A carefully chosen gift, which will prove the intensity of your affection. Paintings, sculptures, artwork await your heart stopper!



  Mère et fille au bord de l'eau, DOM DEWALLES                              With mother, EVA PETKOVA


A unique gift for a unique mom

Choosing artwork is above all choosing a unique object. At Carré d’artistes, we give great importance while selecting works with top-notch execution and a great variety. Is your mom rock ’n’ roll, modern and urban? Offer her a graffiti style painting (Sergi Mestres for example)! Quite calm, loves company and birds chirping? Check out our watercolor paintings, whose finesse and harmonious colors are a delight for the eyes (like the ones of Estelle Regent). Think about her favorite colors, her favorite patterns, her unique taste…And you will find a special and personalized gift, which will definitely hit the target.

A gift filled with emotions for a special day

Nothing beats a personalized gift: of course, a lipstick or a perfume may bring a smile on the face, but artwork is going to make your mom’s heart skip a beat! She wasn’t expecting this and suddenly you offer her a bunch of emotions-who knows perhaps more than what you could have ever expressed. Art before anything else is an emotion, artists put in a great deal of their imagination not to mention their know how, in extraordinary images. Gifting artwork is gifting a change of scene, a world elsewhere, in which one gives free rein to the imagination and a getaway…One can’t imagine a better gift, after the lockdown! 


       Mouillage au crépuscule, RÉMI SCHWEIZER                                    Feel Free, CÉCILE DESSERLE

An unforgettable gift

Nothing flows through the years, decades (even centuries) better than artwork: thus, this is the ideal gift to strike minds. Hung on the wall, a painting is going to catch your mom’s attention every day, who’ll remember this touching day where you offered this genuine proof of love. As the years go by, she may choose to move it from the living room to the bedroom, from the dining room to the office-as artwork selected with love never goes out of fashion or fails but bewitches and has the power to bind the entire family, around the same legacy.

Tell her with art