Sedona, when the beauty of art is mixed with the energy of stones

11 août 2016

In the heart of "the Red Rock Country" Sedona is internationally renowned for its stunning red rocks. Many filmmakers have been inspired by this natural setting and have chosen to shoot westerns like "The Broken Arrow" and even a French film, "Bad Boy”. That’s probably the reason why Sedona has been given the nickname "Little Hollywood of Arizona."

Beyond its breathtaking landscape, Sedona is also considered as the capital of the New Age. Indeed, many Native American remains show the sanctity of the land and many revere its vortex for the spirituality they embody.

Architecture set in stone

Horse riding, by foot or with an ATV, you will discover in the heart of the Verde Valley architectural treasures embedded in the rock.

The archaeological Honanki Heritage Site features murals and houses from the Hopi Indians. In the same spirit, the Tuzigoot National Monument allows visitors to experience the Sinagua culture of Sedona by visiting the 36m high Hilltop village  and its small museum.

To finish this expedition in style, go visit the chapel Holy Cross, a Catholic chapel carved in rocks resembling the Virgin and Christ surrounded by nuns. Inspired by the work of Marguerite Brunswig Staude, sculptor born and raised Arizona, the chapel received the Honorary Award of the American Institute of Architects in 1957 and was elected marvel of Arizona in 2007.

The red rocks, source of art                 

The vastness and spirituality of the place attracts many artists around the world, coming to discover the beauty of the area. In 1946, the famous German surrealist painter Max Ernst moved to Sedona facing the desert where he created one of his most famous masterpieces, Capricorn! Later, Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton and George Phippen created the "Cowboy Artists of America."

Sedona also attracts art lovers who can enjoy more than 40 art galleries in this small isolated town. These galleries offer a rich artistic diversity combining Old Masters and western, Native American art and contemporary art. You will discover unknown works of great masters such as Picasso, Chagall and Miro in the Gallery of Modern Masters, sacred and moving works in Native American art galleries, unique and original works by local and international artists in " Carré d'artistes "but also works explaining the American history in the western galleries.

After a relaxing and inspiring stay amid orange and red ocher, do not miss the chance to visit the Grand Canyon!

If you have time, a stay in Phoenix is ​​a must ... and for the gamblers, Las Vegas is only a 4 hours drive.

A 4 hours drive is also what is needed to get to the Mexican border, the famous "tortilla border" and to discover the many wonders of this neighbor country.


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