Strasbourg, the European

29 juillet 2016

Symbol of its unity, ankle construction, Strasbourg is a European city by essence. On Argentorate Strateburgum Celtic to the Roman, today it is a modern city with bi-cultural traits. Intensely influenced by its often turbulent history, Strasbourg offers its inhabitants as the many visitors a unique cultural and artistic panel of its kind.

Prodigy of the gigantic and delicate

If Strasbourg has a Gallo-Roman past, the time remains are rare and attract little interest eyes seeking singular. The Middle Ages, however, is the main provider of remarkable buildings and neighborhoods. Therefore, it is inconceivable to travel to Strasbourg without visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. "Prodigy of the gigantic and delicate" by Victor Hugo, this absolute masterpiece of Gothic art is a unique and privileged witness of the time, and even fathom today the horizon near the sky. Nearly four centuries were necessary (1015-1439) to culminate his arrow at 142 meters, which made it the highest building in Christendom until the nineteenth century. Even within the cathedral, the Pillar of Angels eve of the most famous astronomical clock in Europe. True mechanical miracle, thousands of lines would be insufficient to tell, express or decipher, so go the foot of the cathedral in the Musee de l'Oeuvre Notre Dame, which offers a seven centuries in the heart of Art in Strasbourg with one of the finest collections of medieval objects from the continent. The Historical Museum, housed in the Great Butchers built in 1588, offers exhibitions of the same ilk, in 2016 with more emphasis on public and private collections grouped under the name of Shared Passions, in the heart of the collections.

Middle age comes to us an entire neighborhood that looks like a postcard-size. La Petite France, the Strasbourg that we imagine. Covered bridges thirteenth half-timbered houses registered at the water, the old mark of tanners, millers and fishermen is the birthplace of the picturesque Alsatian. A UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, the area of ​​the Big Island is the perfect example of a medieval city. The same streets, Maison Kammerzell, built cantilevered over three floors, is worth a look for better assessment of the different architectural influences that have shaped the city.

Labelled city of art and culture

Eighteenth and nineteenth century, Strasbourg offers two other architectural wonders: the Municipal Theatre and the Rohan Palace, which houses three museums, the Museum of Decorative Arts, Museum of Fine Arts and the Archaeological Museum. In the second city, the Baroque fervor exhibition in tribute to Othon Kaufmann and François Schlageter, Strasbourg two collectors, runs until 29 August. While at the Archaeological Museum runs until December 31 the exhibition "Brumath-Brocomagus" showcasing the archaeological excavations in the Lower Rhine.

In a city that has changed nationality four times between 1870 and 1945, the German influence is indisputable. The Palais du Rhin, former Kaiserpalast, like the German Neustadt district of the city are elements that are part of the vast urban redevelopment project undertaken by Germany after indexing of Alsace in the late nineteenth . majestic showcase expertise Germanic architecture, these structures allowed Strasbourg to be granted the old label labélisée of art and culture by the Ministry of Culture. Another architectural feat, more current, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Its magnificent glass nave hosts art 5000m² capitalized. Until October 23, is held within its walls the exhibition cabinet of wonders where is logged fifteen years of acquisitions of ten museums in the city of Strasbourg.

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