Who are Shokkobo ?

2 septembre 2020

Graphic designers by trade become painters, these two art and colour lovers decided to join forces to create dynamic chromatic pieces blending paintings and pen drawings. Since then the duo have been using the canvas to capture their personal and shared vision. We wanted to know more...

Who are you?

We are Nathalie Cubéro and Pappay, an artist couple. 

What is your background? How did your vocation as an artist see the light of the day?

We both went to art schools and had a rather unconventional background. We've done very different things, but art has always been a part of our lives. The vocation has always been present, whether it concerns the realm of painting, photography, fashion, dance or even music.
For several years now,  we have devoted ourselves to painting, entirely.

Your encounter with Carré d’artistes ?

We had already been working individually with Carré d'artistes. It seemed obvious to us that we had to formally create this artistic duo that had been unofficially around for a long time. So we ended up offering our dual work to Carré d'artistes and they welcomed this with great enthusiasm, we were delighted!

What are your artistic influences and inspirations? Why this realm?

We have a lot of different and varied influences. We draw inspiration from everything: the moments we experience, the places we come across, the people around us, popular culture. Our pop art universe is a reflection of everything we love: color, references to all these images in which we are immersed.

How do you relate to the themes that are portrayed in your paintings?

First of all, we consider ourselves to be the children of the 80s, we are immersed in a very rich cinematographic, artistic and pictorial culture. This culture struck us but has also shaped us. The image is present everywhere in today's society, through the form of advertising, interactive, cultural, or even in the form of entertainment. We wanted to twist all this, without actually denying the pleasure that this mass image culture provides us with.
It is a sort of fantasy in pop art. Mundane objects suddenly raised to the rank of art, portray all their potential of desirable and attractive images in our paintings.

What message(s) do you wish to pass on through your works?

Art can be a vector of pleasure, sharing and joy. Our paintings make us reminisce, make us think about those references which give us a dash of positive emotion.
Moreover, there is a certain regressive side in our work. It is important according to us, to maintain a strong bond with the child within us, who discovered the world with a new and uninfluenced eye, the one which turned us into the adult we are today.


How does a painting session take place? Explain how you go about creating a painting... 

First of all, both of us get together to choose the theme we wish to address, the one which triggers desire on spot. We suggest our ideas in order, sometimes, to construct a new one from those which have been mentioned. We then divide various tasks on the same canvas, or on several canvases at the same time. Painting time is usually a time when we absorb an atmosphere while listening to music.
Last but not least, we move on to the very technical assembly stage.

What is your technique? 

We use paint and marker. We work through instinct. We usually work on several drawings in a transparent manner, which leads to a rather striking dimensional effect. 

I have noticed that color is rather present in your work, especially fluorescent colors, could you explain a little? 

Our work is our very own reflection, extremely joyful with a strong bias: namely color. We imagine that our paintings will trigger a lot of light wherever they go. A painting is meant to be noticed, it must challenge, trigger emotions.
According to us, color is synonymous with power, and when used in a harmonious manner, it asserts style. Pop art is an art that highlights the power of the image, color goes hand in hand with the latter, in our opinion. 

Do some artists inspire you?

Of course! And we love twisting them or placing certain references in our works. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring are a small part of it. 

A tip or anecdote?

Anecdote : Shokkobo is the conversion of the name of a whimsical animal, which can be found in a famous game. It’s a yellow bird on whom you can climb like a horse!  Tweet tweet!