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Why should we buy Art?

11 janvier 2018

You have never bought Art yet, but you would like to? You want to buy Art to replace your photography because your friends have the same?
We have listed here all the benefits from such an investment.

Asserting your own personality

An Artwork shows your personal tastes. Owning one enables you to distinguish yourself.
Moreover, when it comes to Art, we trust our intuition, our feelings, without any constraints; which isn’t really easy on a daily basis.
For instance, your choice will be pure and will demonstrate your real personality.

Brightening up your day

Looking at an Artwork encourages emotions and reflection.
It allows you to relive memories, like special moments from the past, talks about that Artwork or how you acquired it.
You can also dream, and abandon yourself to your thoughts when looking at it.

Embellishing your home

Your home seems impersonal, even if your arranged it many times? You are looking for something that stands out? This is your chance!
Your personal space won’t look like any other with a unique Artwork.
You think you will get bored with it over time? An Artwork is always different depending on the time, the day or your mood; it lives through you and with you.  

Enabling artists to live

Thanks to your purchase, promising young artists can get started, make a living from their passion. You also enable them to grow.

Improving your knowledge

Before buying an Artwork, find out more about it.
First, learn about the Art world by walking in galleries, museums or exhibitions to discover Art movements, techniques used, to form your opinion.
Learning more about an artist can help you know about the reasons he created the Artwork, and help you understand it better.

Loving investing

The Art world is now easy to reach for everyone as it’s becoming popularized.
For example, at Carré d’artistes, you’ll find a large choice of various quality Artworks created by artists from all over the world, from 75€ only for a unique and original Artwork!

Investing in an Artwork also allows you to benefit from financial advantages.
For example, Artworks aren’t subject to wealth tax and you can pay some taxes with them.
You are CEO of a company? Tax deductions are available for you too. Find out more about it!

 Striking up conversation

Purchasing art starts with encounters: with an artist, a gallery manager, at an exhibition and more.
But it is especially the starting point for interesting, new and sincere talks with friends or colleagues at work.
To end up with, don’t hesitate to ask for advice when you buy an Artwork, because it will be unique every time.
The Carré d’artistes team is here if you need any help to make your choice, in our galleries or on our website!


You are convinced? Take a look at our selection sorted by styles, techniques or sizes. You are interested in an artist in particular? Visit his collection here