• Artwork's size:81 x 80 x 4,5 cm
  • Technic:Mixed
  • Style:Figurative
  • Weight:
  • Color:Black
  • Also in galleries:Paris Saint-Germain

Weight : 8,7 kg

Artwork visible at the Carré d'artistes Paris Saint Germain gallery

Unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art

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Two fortuitous meetings as a youth introduced CG to drawing: an English lady who was passionate about drawing and an artist from Manosque. A gifted drawer, CG’s talent was quickly acknowledged by those around her. After studying Literature and Foreign Civilisations, she decided to try her hand at decoration. A painter friend urged her to try painting, so she gave it a try in her studio, using a unique material of pigments mixed with ground metal, which gave a metallic effect to her painting. The success of a gallery exhibition exposing this wor…


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