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With more than 30 galleries, Carré d’artistes is the first worldwide galleries’ network and the only franchise in France and internationally operating in the art galleries area (painting and sculpture).

The Carré d’artistes concept is innovative. It breaks the rules of traditional art galleries world by presenting unique artworks at affordable prices with a price defined according to format and identical for all artists. Each artwork is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Let’s share together a more than 18 years old experience in galleries management. Art business is now opening to a larger audience. Join us and enjoy a lucrative and pleasant activity.

Our mission: bring art into your home by making it accessible.

Chiffres franchise Carré d'artistes


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Yulia Akimova, Carré d'artistes in Moscow

“I work as a Carré d’artistes ambassador in Russia for four years.

It is a wonderful concept with a noble philosophy: making contemporary art accessible. Russian customers really like the gallery concept. The fact that the company is french is very complementary. Our customers are in love with the french touch that gives to the gallery a particular atmosphere.

In addition to that, Carré d’artistes is a very efficient economic model. You receive information on how to work in the art field and get the support of the franchisor. It is fundamental to develop a lasting business model.”

So if you want to become an emotions creator, make laugh, make cry, create the surprise and amaze, contact us!