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Carré d’artistes® is an exciting, innovative sales model devised by art lovers whose goal is to revolutionize the art market and open it to people who want to buy beautiful but affordable art.
Our first art gallery opened in France in 2001. Today, Carré d’artistes® is the leader in the accessible art market, with a network of 32 galleries in 11 countries. The galleries exhibit a selection of 600 talented artists chosen by the Carré d’artistes®Art Department.

Our objective is to "democratize" contemporary art, to support artists and the creative process, and to offer unique and affordable artworks in open, welcoming art galleries that bring the consumer directly in contact with works.

Gallery doors are wide open, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and our staff takes the time to explain the merits of each artist’s work. Customers feel comfortable as they browse, and are delighted that they can afford genuinely beautiful pieces of art to take home.

Key facts

  • Simple retail model – four different sized artworks sold in four different price segments.
  • Artworks are unique and certified as authentic.
  • Prices are affordable, making galleries a huge draw for customers.
  • Modern square format of each piece facilitates presentation.
  • 15 local and/or international artists per gallery.
  • Stock of artworks regularly renewed and refreshed.
  • Artistic and educational events held in each gallery.
  • Proven, dynamic marketing strategy.

A dynamic marketing strategy

Exhibitions in each gallery are renewed regularly, with one new artist introduced each month so that the stock of artworks changes constantly and there is always something new for customers to enjoy. Marketing and promotional campaigns are ongoing throughout the year and include “artist signing” events and children's workshops.

Benefits of the Carré d’artistes® franchise

  • Expertise offered by the Carré d’artistes® artistic service.
  • Concept proven in different countries and cultures.
  • Strong visual identity of the brand and galleries.
  • Consignment system limits investment and facilitates management of accounts.
  • Possibility of opening several galleries in exclusive, approved territory.
  • Complete training and ongoing support provided.
  • Assistance in identifying suitable location/s/premises.
  • Assistance with gallery organization plan.
  • Consumer sales prices set by the franchisee.
  • Team of experts dedicated to the development of the galleries.
  • Strength of an international network.
  • Increasing recognition of the brand internationally.
  • Proven marketing strategy.

If you love art and want to bring affordable artworks to a wide audience in a retail environment, Carré d’artistes® is the perfect franchise for you.

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