How to use my Carré d'artistes gift card?

Are you the lucky owner of a Carré d'artistes gift card? On this page, you will discover how to use it to buy unique and original contemporary artworks.

Use the gift card on the Internet

Carré d'artistes gift card is valid for the entire e-shop.

Display all the unique and original artworks

If you own a digital gift card (PDF) or a physical gift card with 16-digits, you can pay directly online.

In order to do this, you simply have to select "gift card" as your payment method, write down the 16-digits and, if needed, complete by credit card! An easy and practical payment method!

If you own a physical gift card with four-digits, simply follow the steps below:

  •          Add the artworks/frames of your choice to cart.
  •          Register and fill in your contact information (for shipping).
  •          Select "Pay by check or gift voucher" as your choice of payment.

You must then send the original gift voucher (and a complimentary check if required) to our headquarters:

Carré d’artistes

434, les allées François Aubrun – RN7 – Palette – Le Tholonet

13100 Aix-en-Provence, France.

As soon as we receive your gift voucher, we will confirm your order and ship it in 48 hours.

Good to know: free shipping for any order above €300.

Use the gift card in galleries

The Carré d'artistes gift card is also valid in Carré d'artistes galleries in France.


To use the gift card in one of our contemporary art galleries in France, simply go to the gallery of your choice with the gift card.

Don’t worry if your purchase is not exactly the same amount as your gift card:

  •  If the amount of your purchase is superior to that of your gift card, you will be able to complete your payment by credit card, check or even bank transfer.
  • If the amount of your purchase is inferior to that of your gift card, you will be issued with a new gift voucher equal to the amount of the difference.

The gift card is valid for both unique and original artworks as well as our tailor-made frames.

Don’t wait! Go to the e-shop or to a gallery to use your Carré d'artistes gift card!