Discover the Carré d'artistes' tips for a cultural summer!

During all summer, Carré d'artistes is coming with you during your vacation and invite you to discover the most beautiful cities in the World, in a different light.

From New York to Paris, via Moscow or Bordeaux, have a cultural summer with Carré d'artistes.


Present in the largest and especially the most beautiful cities in the world, the Carré d'artistes concept is a success internationally. From Rome to New York, from Middle East to Asia, discover Art City Guide of those cities where Art and culture rhyme with opulence and wealth.

art-city-guide-new-york-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-rome-carré-d-artistes

art-city-guide-amsterdam-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-berlin-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-seoul-carré-d-artistes

art-city-guide-miamis-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-shanghai-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-istanbul-carré-d-artistes

art-city-guide-barcelona-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-moscow-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-milan-carré-d-artistes

art-city-guide-philadelphia-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-the-hague-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-utrecht-carré-d-artistes


From the Mediterranean coast to the banks of the Garonne and Gironde, through the Rhone Valley and the plains of the Paris region, discover the Carré d'artistes' tips for a cultural artistic summer. Through these guides, (re)discover the French culture and the richness of an artistic and historical heritage.

art-city-guide-paris-carré-d-artistes art-city-guide-lyon-carré-d-artistes

art-city-guide-marseille-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-bordeaux-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-lille-carré-d-artistes

art-city-guide-aix-en-provence-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-strasbourg-carré-d-artistes  art-city-guide-toulouse-carré-d-artistes

Summer Art Trip

Participate to the Summer Art Trip, a big contest all around the World with, to win, a travel for two people!


Et discover our selection of contemporary art painting for Summer, Holidays, Travel!