You couldn't resist a Carré d'artistes artwork and found the perfect place to display it? You visited a Carré d'artistes gallery and an artist, an artwork or a sculpture caught your eye? Share your tastes and experience with us!

Inspire art collectors and make followers dream while sharing your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #myartcrush
The most beautiful picture will be displayed on our Instagram account @Carredartistes. Your move!

More info on #myartcrush  Découvrir @Carredartistes



How does it work?

1 ▪ Post a photo on your Instagram account using the hashtag #myartcrush in the description,

2 ▪ If our team comments on your post, congratulation, we loved your picture!

3 ▪ Finally, with your permission, we will share your photo on our Instagram account and a prize will be waiting...