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Nikola Vudrag
  • Artwork's size:70 x 75 x 95 cm
  • Technic:Steel
  • Style:Sculpture
  • Also in galleries:Expo Paris
  • Sculpture's scale:Large

Sculpture visible at the Expo Paris gallery, Saint Germain


Nikola Vudrag

In view of the fact that his father and grandfather were metallurgists and welders, it is not surprising that the young VUDRAG pursued the inclination he felt for metalworking, but he focused above all on the creative aspect that can result from it. Moreover, he had always been fascinated by the natural laws that govern the making of our world and participate in the formation of all matter on this Earth, therefore VUDRAG spontaneously decided to pursue a higher education course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb dedicated to teaching sculptu…


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