New Bombe 2 View larger
  • Artwork's size :
  • Technic : Iron
  • Style : Objet d'art
  • Color : Pink
  • Also in galleries : Strasbourg
  • Sculpture's scale : Small
Art object visible at the Carré d'artistes Strasbourg gallery


Franck Lamboley

Stopped by the industrial world for which he worked for too many years, Franck Lamboley decided one fine day to seek an alternative that could remove him from it definitively in order to give free rein to his dreams of both liberty and creation. The self-taught artist, originally from Paris, would thus begin his pictorial production in 2006. Trying his hand at first at the oil painting technique, he eventually opted rather quickly for acrylics that he would work in a relatively abstract way. His current work, the fruit of a long research proces…


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