• Artwork's size:37 x 20 x 15 cm
  • Technic:Ceramic
  • Style:Sculpture
  • Also in galleries:Expo Lyon
  • Sculpture's scale:Medium
Visible at the Expo Lyon gallery


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Description of the artwork
The unique and original sculpture Widsom is a creation from the artist Sébastien Chartier
The artist's word

I have always been curious and passionate about statuary and old paintings, for the atmosphere it gives off and the perfection of their creation, their authenticity.

Sébastien Chartier

The earth, I knew it to live near clay quarry, and it is quite naturally that I try today to tame it. Self-taught, I refuse to take lessons, I never liked established things, so I seek, the pleasure is there, failure too, the fragile balance of life transcribed in creation motivates me.My favorite subjects are humans and animals, two species for the same land. Two ways to approach life. I work on symbolism and my animals must have a link with humans. The gorilla, to remind us that we are of the same line.The elephant for wisdom, earth, memory,…


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