Flashblack collection 1 View larger
Flashblack collection 1
  • Artwork's size:82,5cm x 82,5cm
  • Technic:Acrylic
  • Style:Pop art
  • Color:Multicolored
  • Also in galleries:Bordeaux

Artwork designed on a glossy surface

Artwork mounted on a plexiglas backboard

Unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art

Your artwork will be deliver, at the latest, on the 30/10/2020
Description of the artwork
The original and unique artwork Flashblack collection 1 is a creation from duo Shokkobo, who creates paintings filled with vivid colors and influenced by the 80s entertainment culture.
The artist's word

Our work is highly instinctive and calls out to everyone's inner child.


Graphic designers by trade become painters, these two art and colour lovers decided to join forces to create dynamic chromatic pieces blending paintings and pen drawings. They are influenced by pop culture from their childhood and adolescence and are both fans of comics, cartoons and video games. Since then the duo have been using the canvas to capture their personal and shared vision of this 80s entertainment culture in a seriously playful and enthusiastic way.


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