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Anouck Botteron

A self-taught artist, Anouck Botteron has painted for a long time alongside her work as a bank manager. The birth of her children encouraged her to dedicate more time to this growing passion and she began exhibiting in 2013.

She quickly turned towards abstract work, which enabled her to give free rein to her imagination and she chose oil painting for its richness and the infinite possibilities that it gives in terms of colours ad transparencies. Knives allow her to play with the textures and to privilege sweeping and spontaneous movements. Her work is particularly influenced by abstract expressionism and “action painting”, which gives great importance to the artist’s gestures. Her masters are Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock.

Anouck begins each new work without any bias or specific plan, simply allowing herself to be guided by the harmonies of colours that seduce her. The long drying times of the oil paint allow her to take her time, to reinvent each work until she achieves the perfect balance. With a skilful game of superimposing, she seeks to create light from raw matter, to generate an impression of movement on the motionless canvas. Her works, which brilliantly reconcile these contrasts, are left to those who contemplate them to appreciate: they do not impose anything but simply suggest, creating an area of involvement where the artist’s emotions and those of the spectator meet and create something new. She takes great delight in her customer’s tales and their stories full of imagination are a great driving force for her work.