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Point G

Point G. developed a strong interest in drawing and painting from a very early age thanks to his mother, who was an artist too. Developing a technique of acrylics on canvas and plexiglass, the artist works to literally put “colour into life”. His glimmering, simmering, poetic works propose an abstract reading of landscapes, shades and lights of his home region, the South West of France.

Finding true refuge in creation, the artist considers producing his canvases like we progress on the path of life “with forms, writing, lines, that underline emotions and attract the viewer’s attention”. Point G. thus envisages his painting as a poem, a novel or a score, a story concentrated in the limits of a framework. Contemporary, his works sharpen curiosity through the freedom of its form, colours, the harmony of the composition and the richness of the texture.

Self-taught, the artist claims above all pleasure and independence as driving forces of his painting. Detached from any constraint, his spontaneous gesture crosses the canvas seeking emotion, happiness that the artist takes in producing his work, the joy he generously gives to the person discovering it.