Mark Mestre

Influenced by Street Art and comic strips, the Swiss artist and illustrator Mark Alexander Mestre composed his first drawings in the 2000s in sketchbooks full of graffiti. Having graduated from the Ecole d’Art Ceruleum in Lausanne, he began painting in 2014 and produced his first portraits of jazz musicians.

Music thus occupies a major place in Mark Mestre’s work. A source of inspiration, it allows the artist to breathe life into a rhythm, a movement, a wave to the composition. In his paintings, the contrasted tones evoke staging in an auditorium, a dark background, a precise, oriented source of light. The acrylic colours live to the rhythm of this theatre, of this “Smokey jazz club”, as the artist refers to it.

Passionate about urban culture, his last series of portraits, in black and white this time, is dedicated to contemporary hip-hop figures. Watercolour and fine pencil lines replace the blocks of bright colours and paradoxically give the composition an allure of old postcards. Produced on cardboard and in a smaller format, this collection would make up the covers of future albums. Music, painting and drawing in a single work of art.