Valérie Anceaume Gutierrez

“Painting is suggesting, evoking and telling a story,” confirms the French artist Valérie Anceaume Gutierrez. Her pictorial world may seem somewhat minimalist, childlike or naïve at first sight. But this is because the artist makes a point of honour to never learn and to always experiment. Her characters, floating, both figurative and surreal seem to be midway between two ages, between two eras.

Unlearning would be more the watchword that guides her practice. There is no way to really talk about “skills” for Valérie Anceaume Gutierrez. Only the invented, tried, tested and memorised action counts. Certitude and conviction must never depose doubt, which is at the origin of all creation. As such, it is in the balance between feeling and suggestion that the issue of artist’s work plays out.

Her portraits, arranged in series of colours, yellow, red, blue, delve us into the soul-searching of daydreaming characters, both melancholic and full of hope. This is to whom the artist dedicates her work, to those who have inspired her curiosity to go and scratch beneath the surface of what we see. Objects of complete discovery, her compositions “grow” in the same way as the characters they represent, and renew the issues of perception each time. “Thus, you must start again, smudge it out and discover each time…” she concludes.