David Pons

A self-taught painter, this former printer was forced to give up his career because of a health problem. This incident was not an ending but a new departure point for David Pons, who decided to dedicate himself to painting. He chose oils, which he works with a knife. He trained himself, perfecting his style with work and desire.

Even though he paints in the calm of Auvergne, David Pons remains an explorer. A collector of landscapes, he travels across France from mountains to the sea in search of the most beautiful of inspirations. He wants to evoke rather than represent the landscapes that inspire him. He thus goes to the places he paints, immerses himself in their colours and special atmospheres, and only upon his return to the workshop does he endeavour to put them onto the canvas. Freed from the yoke of reality, it is the essence of the place that appears in his works full of light and emotions: the high summits crowned in mauve, the Puy-de-Dôme landscapes dressed up in purple and the golden sun is reflected in the ocean with metallic sparkles.

Inspired by the masters of the 20th century, David Pons has called his technique ‘restructuralism’. From cubism, he marks the layered volumes and fragmentation of subjects, from impressionism, the taste for the present moment and the changing light, and from fauvism, the wild instinct and strength of colours. He doesn’t seek to imitate these different movements but instead make a blend of them, by capturing the soul, just like his eye captures the soul of the landscapes.

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