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Jacques Fourcadier

Jacques Fourcadier paints women's splintered bodies and faces, fragmented and strangely poetic, using very "rough" materials, such as reclaimed wood, broken boards, with nails or pieces torn off. His work relies on chance and discovery and lets subjects appear, as it navigates the ambiguous relationship between the medium and the drawing. Here, several strokes of a paintbrush or charcoal sketch an expression, suggest an emotion. The colour line, itself very reduced - greys, blacks, and browns- offers varying shades with great delicacy.

For the artist, the paintings are a place of conflict between the resistance of the material and his urge to describe the world. In his compositions, the shapes seem to emerge up at the surface as if coming up for breath. It is in this duality that Jacques Fourcadier's works can be found, between figuration and abstraction, brutality and finesse, violence and sensuality, disuse and modernity.

The fusion of the material and the drawn shape therefore gives life to the arrested point of a nose, the curve of a thigh. Life emanates from these passing encounters. Female characters, classic and timeless, populate the artist's works, and often disappear in the background of the painting, like a confident presence to be made one’s own and to look for in the secrets of the work.