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Philippe Autefage

The painter Philippe Autefage finds his joy in celebrating life in poetry. He quotes Marcel Béalu: "Life should be a state of constant wonder" - to define his practice at the centre of which he places pleasure. He is passionate about art history and has been inspired by many masters who have woken in him the desire to create art. From Serge Bloch who was his first teacher to Andrew Wyeth, Ben-Ami Koller or Cueco, the masters who are dear to him have shaped his sensitivity with their visual works and writing.

Philippe Autefage is passionate about drawing and painting and mixes classical influences with modern inspiration. He uses pastel, watercolour, drawing, oil and acrylic paint to sublimate nude subjects, from portraits to still life by treating shapes, curves and movement in his works with great audacity. He makes pencil sketches in order to research the creation of figures that move slowly further away from representation as they float out of time.

"One must internalize and sharpen the gaze so as to create an expression that is always more beautiful, and always more authentic," says the artist. The artist adopts a rigorous practice and has also been trained in screen-printing, lithography, and engraving, which have become ways for him to master as many tools as possible to go in search of himself in the most singular forms of expression.