Florence Monange

Florence Monange took her first painting lessons as a child and continued learning with Claude Blanc Brude, a Fine Arts professor, alongside her studies in psychology. For her, art is a story of encounters and this philosophy has led her to work with other artists in shared workshops. With her husband’s help, she then opened a guesthouse at the heart of the Drôme department. She therefore worked in the serenity of the forests and enriched her imagination through her contact with travellers from around Europe, who came to discover her workshop with amazement.

These encounters continue in her works, in that magic moment when she discovers new people. In her youth, keen to learn about techniques and ways to represent the world, she turned to photorealism. Soon, inspired by artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Bottero or Frida Kahlo, she felt the need to develop another look and to paint her own vision of the world. Her works became more naïve and natural. She worked with oil paints and pastels, whose rich texture she appreciates, and embraced the chance that these materials bring to her process of creating. In her works, everything begins with a line, which is the first bearer of emotion. Alone in her workshop, guided by her inspirations, her many experiences and a bit of music, she listens to her emotions and lets the character appear on the canvas. He discovers himself, tells his story and welcoming him is always a great moment of joy for her.

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