Farhan Manto

Harmony, perfection and balance are the key words that guide the work of the artist with Pakistani origins Farhan Manto. Fascinated by the human spirit and everything that makes up its limits, the artist develops a symbol, a metaphor for the being, that is repeated and can be found in all of his creations: the horse.

“The way that this animal was physically created highlights its wild spirit and its free will. It is the harmony between the two that inspires me,” explains the artist. The power of the animal, its physical strength but also its historic role, its poetic and fantastic reminder fascinate the painter and develop the emotional power in his work. Galloping on the canvas, the silhouette of the horse symbolises the freedom of the human spirit, at the same time wild and intelligent, free and reasoned. Farhan Manto this wishes for his painting to be the reflection of his sub-conscious, the sensitive experimentation of an inner process, man facing his solitude, man facing his limits.

Painting on the ground, operating around the canvas allows him to multiply the visions and in particular, free his feelings, get out of the framework, in order to feel the world in its entirety. “I can walk around the canvas, painting it on all sides,” allowing himself to be guided by what he sees inside him