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Claire Jombart

The oils on French artist Claire Jombart’s canvases are like palettes of paint made available to see for everyone. Chromatic compositions of touches, the artist’s paintings draw on impressionism, the finesse and fluidity of gestures, the fleetingness of emotion.

Sunsets, maritime landscapes, light vibrations, Claire Jombart reproduces traces that nature left behind on her. The movement of light, its variations of colours define a dilated time that ends up on the canvas like a liquid puddle, a diluted mark. The artist is thus inspired by mental and invisible constructions that the surrounding landscape evokes and questions in her work the limits of her own capacity to see and to understand. Her perception of nature hopes to expel the most visible, the most evident, the most present in order to become attached with re-transcribing on her painting the trace of the horizon, the light, the untouchable, the pipe dream.

It is indeed the horizon that structures all of the artist’s work. Dividing the composition into two parts, she offers the possibility of a deep swoop into the heart of the work and at the same time an elevation towards the sensitive spheres of the imagination, towards creation.

This journey to other worlds feeds Claire Jombart’s research and work and transcends the painter’s subjectivity to give a voice to the universality of the landscape.