Bastien M

For the French artist Bastien Meyer, the act of creating is above all social and political. It is a commitment, a registration and an analysis of his our condition and his humanity in the world around us. Current affairs, societal subjects, the great philosophical questions and political debates thus feed his desire to paint and constitute the raw material of his practice.

Immersing himself in the interpretation of a complex, sometimes overwhelming world, prey to numerous dualities, the artist symbolically multiplies in his painting the contrasts and variations of whites and greys, the effects of light, to which he then adds colour, a discreet appearance. Wanting to remain true to the paradox that our contemporary societies make, he thus expresses the moroseness, the melancholy and sadness before while “colouring” the grey, making it multiple and rich, accentuating its depth and intensity.

His acrylic and posca technique allows for ever renewed compositions in an exercise of re-colouring life in its most timid, most remote, most sensitive and most forgotten areas too. There, the colours emerge like subtle promises of hope.