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Elma Sanchez Le Meur

Elma Sanchez Le Meur spent part of her childhood in the workshops of a Catalan painter and ceramist, political refugees like her parents. Amazed by the colour and matter of their work, she would, thanks to them, keep a vital need to be surrounded by art, to create and also to share this passion. This desire would become her greatest motivation to work: the desire for her world to be discovered, to express emotions, to go to the viewer.

She has kept a taste for exaggeration, vibrant colours and movement thanks to her dual Franco-Spanish culture. She tried her hand at many different techniques (chalks, wash drawing, watercolours…) before choosing painting. Even then, her overflowing level of creativity blooms with the multiplicity of media. She mixes acrylics, oils and inks with plaster and other materials, plays with technical constraints and enriches herself with every new experiment. The most important thing for her is the relationship with the material and she works both on an easel and on her knees on the ground. This position gives her a great freedom of gesture, all the while allowing her to distinguish reliefs and bumps better.

Her inspirations are just as eclectic as her techniques, ‘scraps’ ranging from industrial landscapes to humans. She feeds off of what surrounds her, like her passion for art history and claims to have influences as diverse as Nicolas de Staël or Géricault, Zao Wou-Ki or Turner. She marries her fascination for pure abstraction with an even more important need for figuration. Her works between two worlds remain open to the viewer’s interpretation, a way for her to share a bit of her freedom to create.